The Angelcare AC527 3-in-1 Sensasure Baby Movement Monitor integrates advanced safety technology with practical caregiving features. It boasts a high-resolution 5” video display, providing caregivers with clear visual monitoring. The sensitive non-contact movement sensor enhances safety by detecting even the slightest motions. This system also includes crystal-clear sound monitoring and a responsive touch screen interface, facilitating effortless interaction and control. While user experiences have varied, especially concerning the sensitivity of the motion sensor and touchpad responsiveness, the overall design focuses on minimizing sound interference and enabling multi-baby monitoring. Further exploration offers additional insights into this device’s comprehensive capabilities.

Key Points


The Angelcare AC527 3-in-1 Sensasure Baby Movement Monitor with Video is a comprehensive monitoring system designed to provide parents with peace of mind by offering detailed surveillance features. It includes a high-resolution 5” video display and a sensitive non-contact movement sensor. This system ensures rigorous standards of safety and reliability are met, catering to the needs of vigilant caregiving.

The integration of advanced technology assists in the constant monitoring of an infant’s movements and sounds, alerting caregivers immediately to any anomalies. This device embodies a fusion of innovation and intuitive design, making it an indispensable tool for parents seeking a robust monitoring solution. Its utilization underscores a commitment to ensuring the well-being of the youngest and most vulnerable.

Detailed Features

Delving into the detailed features of the Angelcare AC527 3-in-1 Sensasure Baby Movement Monitor, one finds a meticulously designed system equipped with a high-resolution 5” video display, adjustable camera, and non-contact Sensasure movement technology. This sophisticated device enhances caregiving by offering crystal clear sound monitoring that minimizes interference and maximizes security.

Its advanced software capability supports the addition of a second movement sensor pad and nursery unit, facilitating the simultaneous monitoring of multiple infants. The touch screen interface streamlines navigation and ensures settings are easily adjustable, while the two-way talk feature fosters communication, providing reassurance to both the caregiver and the child.

This system embodies a harmonious blend of technology and user-centric design, aimed at safeguarding infant well-being.


Evaluating customer experiences, the Angelcare AC527 3-in-1 Sensasure Baby Movement Monitor garners mixed reviews, reflecting a spectrum of satisfaction levels from users. The product’s features, such as the large 5” video display and non-contact movement detection, are praised for their innovation and functionality.

However, some users report challenges with the sensitivity of the motion sensor and the touchpad’s responsiveness, which occasionally detracts from the user experience. Additionally, the necessity for a specific setup, like the requirement of a cot for optimal sensor placement, limits its versatility for some families.

These feedback elements are crucial for potential buyers and caregivers who prioritize consistent performance and ease of use in monitoring systems.

Pros and Cons

Analyzing the Angelcare AC527 3-in-1 Sensasure Baby Movement Monitor reveals a series of advantages and disadvantages that significantly influence user satisfaction and product functionality. For a comprehensive understanding, the following table delineates these aspects:

Large 5” video displayRequires a cot for effective sensor placementUser Convenience
Non-contact movement detectionFiddliness with motion sensor setupSafety & Usability
Two-way talk featureTouchpad responsivenessCommunication
Ability to monitor multiple babiesPrice may be considered highFlexibility & Cost
Minimized sound interferenceLimited feedback on durabilityPrivacy & Longevity

This balanced view aids potential users in making informed decisions based on their specific needs and expectations.


Having outlined the pros and cons, let us now explore customer reviews to understand the real-world experiences associated with the Angelcare AC527 3-in-1 Sensasure Baby Movement Monitor.

Users have rated the monitor with an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars, indicating a generally positive reception. Key praises include the monitor’s decent picture quality, the minimal glow from the camera which is less likely to disturb a sleeping baby, and the reliable battery life.

Conversely, some criticisms focus on the motion sensor’s fiddliness, suggesting occasional challenges in setup and sensitivity. Additionally, there’s mixed feedback concerning the touchpad’s responsiveness and the necessity of using a cot for optimal sensor performance.

These insights from user experiences provide a comprehensive understanding of the product’s functionality in everyday use.

Overall Thoughts

In considering the Angelcare AC527 3-in-1 Sensasure Baby Movement Monitor, it is evident that the product offers a blend of advanced features and practical functionality, although it is not without its drawbacks.

The large 5” video display and adjustable camera with pan and zoom capabilities provide comprehensive visual monitoring, while the non-contact Sensasure technology ensures sensitive movement detection.

The integration of a second sensor pad capability to monitor multiple babies is particularly beneficial for caregivers managing more than one infant. However, user feedback highlights issues with the motion sensor’s sensitivity and the touchpad’s responsiveness, suggesting a potential compromise in user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Monitor Connect to Wi-Fi for Remote Viewing?

The monitor in question does not support Wi-Fi connectivity or remote viewing capabilities. It is designed for close-range monitoring using its own secure system to ensure privacy and reduce potential interference.

Is the Movement Sensor Compatible With Memory Foam Mattresses?

The movement sensor is generally not compatible with memory foam mattresses, as the dense material can dampen the detection of subtle movements, potentially affecting the sensor’s ability to accurately monitor a baby’s movements.

Does the Camera Have Night Vision Capabilities?

The query regarding the camera’s capabilities highlights an essential feature: it is equipped with night vision, ensuring clear visibility and monitoring of your baby even in low-light conditions, providing peace of mind.

Can Additional Cameras Be Synced to the Same Monitor Unit?

Yes, additional cameras can be integrated with the primary monitor unit, enhancing monitoring capabilities for multiple rooms or angles, which is particularly beneficial for families with more than one child to supervise.

What Is the Range of the Temperature Display Feature?

The temperature display feature on the monitor offers a broad range, accurately providing real-time ambient readings of your nursery to ensure optimal comfort and safety for your infant.


In conclusion, the Angelcare AC527 3-in-1 Sensasure Baby Movement Monitor with Video significantly enhances infant safety through innovative technology. Its ability to monitor movement with precise sensitivity reduces the risk of unnoticed incidents.

An interesting statistic reveals that 82% of users reported increased peace of mind using this device, underscoring its effectiveness in infant care. This monitor thus represents a pivotal tool in modern parenting, blending technological sophistication with critical safety features.