The Hipp 720P Baby Monitor is equipped with a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera, offering clear 720P resolution and extensive room coverage. It features two-way communication and a reliable 900FT range, facilitating easy audio and visual monitoring from a distance. The device includes a robust 4500mAh rechargeable battery, ensuring long-lasting performance. Additionally, its thermal monitoring capability enhances its effectiveness both day and night. However, users should consider some reported issues with sound quality and durability of the charging port. Overall, this monitor is praised for its image clarity and battery longevity. Further exploration will reveal more about user experiences and monitor performance.

Key Points


The Hipp 720P Baby Monitor offers a comprehensive monitoring solution with its high-resolution Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera and multifunctional features designed to enhance the safety and comfort of your baby’s environment.

This advanced device ensures parents and caregivers can keep a vigilant watch over their child from a distance of up to 900 feet, offering both peace of mind and flexibility.

The inclusion of a powerful 4500mAh rechargeable battery supports extended monitoring sessions without the need for constant recharging. Furthermore, its capability to function effectively both day and night via a thermal monitor assures continuous protection.

The monitor’s design is also tailored for ease of use, featuring remote control camera zoom and wall-mounting options, catering to various nursery setups.

Detailed Features

Equipped with a 720P resolution Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera, the Hipp 720P Baby Monitor allows for sharp and expansive visual monitoring of your baby’s environment. The device’s camera can be remotely controlled to pan, tilt, or zoom, ensuring no detail is missed.

It features a robust 4500mAh rechargeable battery, supporting extended surveillance without frequent recharges. The built-in thermal monitor adjusts to day and night settings, providing a clear view regardless of the lighting conditions.

Audio capabilities include a sensitive microphone and speaker system facilitating clear two-way communication. This allows caregivers to soothe or interact with the baby from a distance up to 900 feet, ensuring comfort and security for both the baby and the caregiver.


Understanding the technical specifications of the Hipp 720P Baby Monitor further highlights its compatibility and operational capabilities.

This device is designed to integrate seamlessly with modern technology environments, being compatible with various tablets and equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Its substantial 4500mAh battery supports prolonged usage without frequent recharges, essential for continuous monitoring.

The night vision capability extends up to 900 feet, ensuring clear visuals even at considerable distances during low light conditions.

Additionally, its dome-shaped, wall-mountable design offers flexibility in surveillance, while maintaining a discreet presence in a nursery.

These specifications collectively ensure that the Hipp 720P Baby Monitor is a reliable and efficient choice for parents seeking a comprehensive monitoring solution.

Pros and Cons

Evaluating the Hipp 720P Baby Monitor reveals a set of distinct advantages and drawbacks that merit consideration by potential users. Among its strengths, the device offers a robust 720P resolution with a Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera, facilitating comprehensive room coverage. The 4500mAh rechargeable battery supports extended monitoring periods, while the 900ft range allows for substantial mobility within most home environments. Additionally, the inclusion of thermal monitoring enhances its utility during both day and night.

On the downside, some users have reported issues with the sound quality and the durability of the charging port, which could affect long-term reliability. Thus, while the monitor presents significant benefits, these potential concerns must be weighed carefully.


How do actual users feel about the Hipp 720P Baby Monitor?

The consensus from customer reviews reveals a generally positive response, especially praising the monitor’s image clarity and the longevity of its battery life. Parents appreciate the peace of mind afforded by the sharp 720P video resolution and effective thermal monitoring, which ensures their baby’s comfort day and night.

However, some users have noted issues with the sound quality, describing it as less reliable. Concerns have also been raised regarding the durability of the charging port. Additionally, experiences with customer service appear to be mixed, impacting overall satisfaction for some.

Despite these issues, many users recommend the product for its core functionalities and reliable video monitoring.

Overall Thoughts

Reflecting on the diverse user feedback, it is evident that the Hipp 720P Baby Monitor provides robust features that generally meet the needs of modern parents, though some improvements could enhance its overall user satisfaction.

The monitor’s high-resolution camera with pan-tilt-zoom capability, coupled with its reliable audio and visual monitoring, offers crucial peace of mind. However, concerns regarding sound quality and the durability of the charging port suggest areas where further refinement is necessary.

Additionally, mixed reviews on customer service highlight the importance of responsive and effective support. Overall, while the Hipp 720P Baby Monitor stands out for its comprehensive functionality and long battery life, a focus on enhancing user experience through improved sound and customer service could make it even more valuable to caring parents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Camera Be Used Without Wi-Fi Connectivity?

The camera in question requires Wi-Fi connectivity for operation and cannot be used independently without an internet connection. This feature ensures continuous monitoring and real-time communication through its network-dependent capabilities.

Is the Thermal Monitor Safe for Continuous Night Use?

The thermal monitor, akin to a vigilant night watchman, is designed for safe, continuous night use, ensuring a secure environment by maintaining optimal temperatures, thus serving the needs of vigilant caregivers effectively.

Does the Camera Support Memory Card Storage?

The query relates to whether the camera includes memory card storage capabilities. Unfortunately, the product specifications do not list memory card support, suggesting that it relies on alternative methods for storing video footage.

Are There Any Compatible Apps for Ios and Android?

Regarding the inquiry about compatible applications for iOS and Android: Yes, there are dedicated apps available that facilitate remote monitoring and control, enhancing the usability of the device across various smartphone platforms.

What Is the Warranty Period for This Baby Monitor?

The warranty period for this product typically spans one year, covering defects in materials and workmanship under normal use. It is advisable to consult the specific warranty documentation for precise details.


In conclusion, the HiPP 720P Baby Monitor emerges as a beacon of security in the nursery, casting a vigilant eye with its high-definition Pan-Tilt-Zoom capabilities. This technological sentinel, equipped with a robust 4500mAh battery and expansive 900ft range, stands guard, ensuring uninterrupted oversight.

While it sings a siren’s call with its crisp visual fidelity, the monitor’s auditory performance occasionally hits a discordant note, reminding users that even the most advanced guardians are not without their flaws.